Combining Tobacco With Cannabis Cigarettes Can Dangerously Boost One’s Addiction

There are two types of people who smoke marijuana: those who smoke pure cannabis without any additives, and those who mix cigarette tobacco leaves into their cannabis. The second type of people does this because they think that tobacco can double the effects of drunkenness obtained from cannabis. In fact, mixing cannabis with tobacco can actually be dangerous and it improves the level of addiction tremendously. Meanwhile, if you want an alternative way to smoke without the harmful effects of tobacco, you may want to find out more info about e-cigarettes.

In general, smoking cannabis does not cause dependency. Or even if there is, it is still small. However, research from University College London found that smokers of cannabis cigarettes who combine tobacco in their cannabis are more likely to show symptoms of addiction like dependence on psychotropic drugs. It was found that the severity of the dependence of the habit of smoking marijuana mixed with cigarette tobacco could increase by up to 60 percent.

Chandni Hindocha, a doctoral student at the University College London clinical psychopharmacology unit, who led the study, said, “Marijuana is less ‘addicted’ than tobacco cigarettes, but we found that mixing tobacco with cannabis decreased motivation to stop using it. marijuana.”

Hindocha and colleagues examined the habits of people in smoking marijuana by analyzing the responses of 33,687 marijuana users from 18 countries through the 2014 Global Drug Survey. They found that marijuana smokers who did not mix marijuana with tobacco were having a higher motivation to stop smoking and were more likely to seek help professionals for addiction to cannabis and nicotine – even up to 80 percent. Those who did not mix marijuana with tobacco also showed a stronger determination to minimize tobacco smoking and were more actively involved in seeking help to stop smoking.

The results of this study indicate those who regularly combine cannabis with tobacco are more at risk of becoming psychologically addicted than people who use marijuana and tobacco separately, without mixing it, or using marijuana alone without any mixture, close the researchers.

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