How will my match be following God’s Word?

From us it may be several times questioned what our soul mate will be, who he will be, and so forth. We even ask this question to the miracle healing prayer request. Actually, there are some characteristics about our match according to the word of God, including:

1. Equal

Surely God will provide a companion and life partner that is commensurate with our people. In this case, it means that our spouse will have more or less the same thoughts. Because bringing together two different thoughts will certainly be something that is not easy. Similarly, if you have a relationship with other people who do not agree and one goal or have the same vision and mission in their lives.

2. Fear of God

Have the same fear of God. Especially for men who will lead a family. Of course, if you have a partner, especially a husband who is not afraid of God, it will be more difficult to run and manage a coveted household.

3. Become a Helper

Life partner is certainly the person who will be the main helper in our lives later and together in building a home. Therefore of course a match is a person that God has prepared to be a helper for all activities carried out starting from small things like taking care of children to big things like overcoming struggles. Because it sticks with looking for people who are certainly able or able to be a helper in everything.

4. New born

Has been born again in God and is close to God. This is very important so that future family relationships are relationships that are following the will of the Father. Because if not, of course, the results will be different later. It could be that a household that is built does not have joy or peace because it has a partner who does not know God in the sense that it may be only Christian but not really and still often sins.

5. Bringing to the Truth

Surely the person whom God has prepared as our companion in the household will be the one who brings us to the truth of God’s word. So if it is true from God, of course he will give character that can guide us on the right path.

Those are some of the characteristics of a match that will accompany us until the end of our lives. Keep believing in prayer, so God is always with us.

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