You Won’t Regret Visiting Portland

Portland is always full of surprises that you might not expect to be in this northern American metropolis. One of the surprises is the Lan Su park with a Chinese touch that is evidence of the influence of Chinese culture in the formation of the center of the American west coast. There are also plenty of museums in Portland, independent bookstores, galleries and designers to visit. Also, lots of the best coffee shops are here. Go to NYE Beach and find true cultural treasures.

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Starting from camping on Mt. Hood to feeling a hot air balloon ride to explore the desert in central Oregon. Will make you interested to do it, especially for people who like the activities that stimulate adrenaline. Also try riding a bicycle to see the scenery at Smith Rock and also explore the coast using bicycles designed specifically for driving on sand. For people who like sports, maybe you can take part in a very famous annual event in America that is running a marathon across the Springwater and Willamette rivers.