Tips To Pass B1 Test For Writing Skill

B1 level is an intermediate level of English that requires you necessary to communicate without effort with English speakers. You should take the exam to reach the B1 level. It needs your English skills, like Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. read this for Writing skill has 2 tasks that have 50 minutes to write each task on tasks. So it is good for you to practice the skills a lot before taking the exam.

If you’re interested to take the B1 exam, here’s some tips for B1 writing skill.

Writing Skill Tips to Pass B1 Test You Need to Know

1. Task 1 – Form Filling

Before you take the B1 test, you should fill in a form about language learning background, preferred type of accommodation for a language course, etc. After that, you will start to answers the task. You should underline the important words for questions 1-4 to make sure you put the right information. Make sure you are answering the question with 15-20 word long sentences for questions 5–8. You can use linking words and phrases if you write a longer answer for any of the questions 5-8.

2. Task 2 – Discursive Writing

In this B1 test, you can choose one of two tasks for both a postcard or an email. You may spend a couple of minutes before you write to planning your answer. Write your answer in three or four paragraphs because short postcards or emails need to have paragraphs. Make sure to start your email by saying why you are writing like to apologize for something you’ve done, to invite someone to an event, etc. You don’t need to count your words and write 80- 100 words. It is not a problem if you write a little more or less. Don’t forget to save a couple of minutes to check your work.

It is important to practice your writing skill to pass the exam easily and get a good grade. That’s some tips to pass the B1 test for writing skills.