Professions That Will Support Your Travelling Hobby

Many people are wondering how they could work abroad and traveling at the same time but all they have is speaking English, Well, with Entrust TEFL you can. Nowadays, almost everyone today feels like dreaming of a job that can simultaneously finance their journey around the world. Not infrequently even if the competition to get the job is getting tougher. Working in an office with limited leave allowance seems unable to support this desire. Everyone’s desires and priorities are different. If traveling or seeing the world is a dream, then the following job recommendations are worth a try if you want to work while traveling around the world.

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English teacher is one of the most common professions that will help you work abroad, especially in Thailand. The position of English as the main language of the world association increasingly allows high demand as an English teacher. This also allows you to go around the world. In addition to travel tickets and accommodation that are usually borne by the employer, the salary earned is also quite good. The advantage of this profession besides traveling around the world is that we can also mingle with residents and get to know their culture. Although teachers do not have to be native speakers of English, the qualifications required are not only academic degrees and TOEFL scores. But it also must have TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) standard capabilities and preferably those who are CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).

A translator is another profession that could take you places. Are you fluent in using at least two foreign languages? Maybe being an interpreter is a choice you can consider if you want to travel the world. This profession is usually needed in business or political affairs, for example at meetings of international scope, international conferences and so on. To get this profession, the most necessary skill is a bachelor’s degree in language, as well as broad insights in politics and economics.