You Can Try These 2 Ways To Evaluate A SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimization is proven to be able to increase website traffic effectively on search engines. It is said to be effective because with the right SEO optimization technique and in accordance with the user experience, it is certain that SEO will become a powerful ‘weapon’ to increase traffic expert seo tips. However, is the SEO optimization technique done once? Of course not, you must always evaluate (assess) SEO performance in stages and continuously. Aside from that, you can hire consultor seo if you need to improve the traffic and rank of your website on Google.

This is done so that the SEO performance on your website runs optimally and your website traffic continues to increase. There are many things you can know after evaluating SEO performance, such as a decrease in performance, an increase in performance, the number of visitors who come, and others. By knowing a number of these things, then you will know things that must be optimized or maintained from your website.

Therefore, evaluating performance is very important to do. How to? Here are 2 of the many ways to evaluate SEO performance:

1. Do Crawling

Crawling is a process that search engines do to index web pages and gather information. The goal is to find out information on a website, such as errors, broken links, duplicate content and so on.

Likewise, with your website, you also have to do crawling as an evaluation of SEO performance on your website. There are several tools that can help you crawl.

2. Keyword Research

The keyword is one of the “very” important elements in SEO performance. With the use of the right and popular keywords, your SEO performance will be better and easier for you to increase website traffic.

To find the right and popular keywords, what you can do is “keyword research”. Keyword research means finding out some keywords that are popular (people are looking for a lot) through search engines.

After finding some popular keywords, just adjust the keywords that are relevant to your website or business. And use these keywords for your website or when creating articles.