When To Remove A Tree

In addition to bringing the rainy season, many benefits also bring the threat of loss, not only material but also human lives. In some places, rain accompanied by strong winds as a form of climate and extreme weather symptoms causes no small amount of loss. Given the very heavy rainy season, its intensity has increased, so the awareness of the threat of falling trees needs to be increased. So that we can avoid the risk of being hit by a fallen tree, you should take care of the tree by pruning or if the tree is very old you could remove it with the help of tree services perth.

You should also pay attention before you relax or take shelter under a tree, look at the tree that shades you, whether in the figure is large but looks start to dry out some branches and bark. Now, these are the characteristics of an old tree and ready to fall with the coming of the wind. If you park your car, sit back or take shelter, pay attention to the tree that shade you. Do not take shelter under a tree that has a very large part of the tree when it falls or is dangerous if it hits an object. The branches of an old tree are easily broken and dangerous when falling on anything under it. That is why you need to prune your tree before an accident happens.

If it rains and strong winds especially accompanied by lightning, do not take shelter under a tree, because you are approaching the same danger. If you escape from a fallen tree, it is not certain to escape the lightning bolt or streaks of broken branches. Trees that look sideways are places you should stay away from. No matter how strong you are, you will not be able to support the body of the tree that is about to fall and return it to its upright position. The tree should have been cut down.

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